Product Offerings

It’s not uncommon for Chicago Wedding Photographers to offer many products for sale.  Sometimes too many options makes it difficult to make a decision.  In the interest of offering the best products available and making the decision process easier, I’ve chosen to offer a limited number of products.

Alaina Bos Photography Product Offerings


You will be able to purchase professional prints in a variety of sizes from your password protected gallery.  Before your images are posted to your gallery, they are adjusted for color, contrast, and exposure.  To keep these variables consistent, my computer screen has been calibrated with the lab’s printers.  Photos printed elsewhere can not be guaranteed to look exactly as I have edited them due to differences in labs and monitor calibration.

Print Products from Alaina Bos Photography

When you order Perfect Prints from my professional lab, you’re getting prints that have gone through a professional, hand-adjusted editing process before printing even begins. Then, as they come off the printer, an experienced Quality Assurance technician reviews each print by hand to ensure the image and print itself is impeccable. Whether you order a wallet size or something large enough to hang on the wall, you can be confident that your prints will be perfect—and if they’re not, I will replace them for free with no questions asked.

Although you’ll want to order any photos size 8 x 10 and larger from the lab, it is not necessary to purchase ALL of your prints from me.  My recommendation is to purchase any photos that you will display in your home from the lab, or if you need the photo to be archival quality (for scrapbooking, etc.).  If you just want to print photos to carry in your purse or are smaller sized, the print quality from MPIX is quite good and reasonably priced.


Canvases are the perfect combination of artistic expression and displaying your photos.  Your image is printed on museum quality canvas and hand-stretched over a 1.5˝ frame or an optional custom-made Floating Frame.  The ink used for the print is rated to last 100 years and spray-sealed with a UV inhibitor coat to prevent fading.  You can order canvases right from your password protected online gallery.

Canvas Prints by Alaina Bos Photography

Leather Craftsmen Heirloom Albums

I exclusively offer Leather Craftsmen Custom Flush Mount Albums.  They are archival quality and can be passed down as a family heirloom for generations.  Leather Craftsmen Albums come with a European Leather Cover and have thick lay flat pages.  Each page is actually a photo mounted flush to a foam core board with acid free adhesive.

To see a more detailed Blog Post about the Heirloom Albums that I offer, click here.

Heirloom Albums

Parent or Companion Albums

The Leather Craftsmen Companion Album is a smaller copy of your album.  Companion Albums make great gifts and parents love them because they can share them with family and friends  as they reminisce about the day.  To see images and a video of the Leather Craftsmen albums that I use exclusively, click here.

Do you like what you see?  If you have questions about the products I offer, feel free to drop me a line.

What to wear for your Engagement Session

My clients often ask me what to wear for their engagement session so I thought I would put together a post giving some tips and visuals.  You will want to make sure and complement each other without “matching” too much.
Style- Make sure to match each other’s style.  If your outfit is “dressy-casual” make sure your partner follows suit.
Choose fitted clothing- Many people feel more comfortable in something that is loose, but wearing bulky or baggy clothing will actually make you look bigger in your photos.
Color- As in the example below, if your guy is wearing a red sweater, you can complement his look by wearing an accessory with red in it.
What to wear for an engagement session
Wear bright colors or simple patterns- These will look awesome in your photos. If you’re more into dark colors, rock a black top with a bright colored scarf. You’ll also want to avoid clothing with writing on it.
Layers- Layers are great for creating depth and texture in photos.  They are also perfect for when you’re unsure of how the weather will be.
What to wear for your engagement session
Bring an outfit change- If time will allow, bring an additional outfit to change into.  This will ensure variety in your images and your additional choices will let your personality shine through.
What to wear for your engagement session
Make-Up and Hair- If you’ll be having your hair and make-up done professionally for your wedding, your engagement session is the perfect time for a trial.  Then you will look your best and also have a chance to see how your makeup photographs prior to the big day.  I generally recommend avoiding shimmer, shiny, and glittery makeup because they don’t photograph well.  It’s also a good idea to avoid mineral makeup and any products with SPF because they reflect light and will make your face appear washed out in photos due to flash and other sources of ambient light.  If you’re worried about choosing the correct makeup look for your wedding day, hire a professional- they will already know the best tricks to make you look like the best version your beautiful self.
Most Importantly- Be Yourself.  You’re already awesome!!
Think we’d be a good match?  Check out the “Experience” or “How to Hire Me” pages to learn more.

Top 6 reasons to do an Engagement Shoot

Many of my couples find themselves asking, “Should we do an Engagement Shoot?” and the majority of them elect to.

Buckingham Fountain Engagement Photo

Here are the top 6 reasons to do an Engagement Shoot:

#1- An engagement shoot is like a practice/trial run for your wedding day.  It’s a great time to trial hair and make-up so you can see how your look will photograph as well.  That way, you can make any minor adjustments, prior to your wedding day.

#2- An engagement shoot allows you to see how I direct from behind the camera.

#3- An engagement shoot allows me to see what you’re like in front of the camera.  If you’re nervous, it gives us a chance to practice and for me to see what I can do to put you at ease.

#4- An engagement shoot will give me an idea of how little or much instruction you’ll need to fall into natural postures and poses.  If you’re a natural, fabulous, but if not, I can help you feel more comfortable by coaching you.  I want natural, comfortable you to shine through in your images!

#5- An engagement shoot is awesome because you can use the images for your engagement announcement, save the dates, wedding guest book, wedding website, and thank you cards.

#6- An engagement shoot is awesome because it allows you to document a place that is significant to you as a couple.

Some ideas for your shoot:

  • Where you got engaged
  • Where you spend a lot of time together as a couple (wine bars, parks, etc)
  • Doing something you enjoy together such as reading, playing a game, looking at travel magazines, picnic-ing, having a coffee together, or having a glass of wine at your favorite restaurant

You can check out some of my favorite Chicago locations for engagement sessions here or view some of my favorite engagement photos here.

Why Do a First Look

Cafe Brauer Wedding- First Look Photo

My stomach churned as I sat in the vault of St. Hugo’s Wedding Chapel.  How could I possibly be SO excited to marry my best friend, but still have a stomach full of knots?  My palms were clammy and the anxiety of walking down the aisle crept up on me.  I NEVER thought I would be nervous about being the center of attention!  Luckily I had my best friend Jackie there to make me laugh so I started to forget how nervous I was.  But, dang!  That aisle was LONG!  I kept thinking I would catch a heel on the runner and end up straight on my back.  Only I had both parents, one on each arm, to carry me through…Like they always have.  It really was the best day, and now I have an amazing husband of my own.  But…

If I could change one thing about my wedding (other than my brother-in-law’s horrific speech…lol), we would have chosen to do a first look.  Now I was HELL BENT on not seeing Jon before walking down the aisle, but if I knew then what I know now, I would have taken the advice of my now educated, photographer self.

I was so nervous and emotional that day I actually think seeing Jon beforehand would have calmed me right down, allowing me to enjoy my walk down the aisle.  All that anticipation almost killed me ;)

Many couples are now opting for a first look and now that you’ve heard my story as a bride, I’d love to share a list of reasons to do a “First Look” from a photographer’s perspective.

Why Do a First Look?

  • It allows for more time and less rushing for portraits
  • It is a quiet and intimate moment for you and your partner, unscripted
  • Seeing the person you love WILL help calm any nerves
  • It allows for some true raw emotion that can be beautifully captured
  • Seeing each other before the ceremony allows you to get ALL formal and bridal party pictures done BEFORE you tie the knot so you can spend the rest of the day having fun with your loved ones

To see some wedding images of a couple who elected to have a first look, click here.

What to expect from your wedding photographer

Your wedding day may be full of unknowns, but one thing you should never have to wonder about is what to expect from your wedding photographer.

Holy Name Cathedral Wedding

It is vital that my clients trust me and always know where we’re at in the photography process so we remain on the same page.  I thought it would be helpful if I created a list of what to expect from me on your wedding day.  Hopefully this post will promote transparency, and if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

I will

  • Arrive at the bride’s preparation location early
  • Get set up and start snapping away
  • Capture the finishing touches of hair and makeup and document the bride getting into her wedding dress and the groomsmen making their final preparations.
  • Coordinate and facilitate the “First Look”- A “first meeting” for the bride and groom where they see each other before the ceremony.  This is usually done somewhere near the preparation or ceremony site.
  • Let you have your time together- just the two of you, while we document in the background
  • Photograph your couple’s shoot…I may direct you towards natural poses if necessary to achieve an authentic, romantic, and relaxed environment
  • Have the bridal party meet up with us so I can photograph you with them
  • Have your immediate and extended families arrive and we’ll do formal portraits-the selected point person will help me gather all important people to do this quickly, efficiently, and painlessly as possible
  • Congratulate you both because you’re done with any formal photos!!  It’s time to just enjoy the moments as I fade into the background to document the rest of the day.
  • Leave the preparations/portrait site to set up for the ceremony site.  Here I set up any equipment needed during the ceremony. I will take a last look around and find where the light is coming from to best document the ceremony.  At this time you should have a quick refreshment and take 15 minutes of quiet time with just the two of you; you’ll want to regroup before all the excitement begins!
  • Cover the Ceremony and Reception so you can just enjoy yourself and shake your booty on the dance floor!
  • Arrive at the reception site and begin photographing candid shots of cocktail reception.  If there are any additional formal photographs desired we will take this time to finish them in plenty of time for the reception.
  • Enter the dining room before the guests arrive to photograph the cake and floral decor. I also take this time to set up room lights and spotlights if I find they are needed.  Right before the guests arrive we touch base with the catering manager or wedding coordinator to see if there were any last minute changes to the reception schedule.
  • Document the reception candidly as it unfolds, including the first dances, toasts, dancing, and cake cutting. But don’t worry; I am always available for any photo request you may have throughout the evening.  Just ask!
  • Be sure my second shooter and I are communicating well so we can capitalize on having double coverage, getting a variety of different shots.
  • At the end of the night, I will pack my equipment and prepare for my departure. But first, I will check with you to make sure there aren’t any further photos you would like, or an overtime request.
  • Bid you farewell after we snap a photo of us all together!  We’re practically BFFs by now :)

Was this rundown helpful?  Still have questions?  Feel free to send me a note and ask away!

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