It’s hard to believe that July is almost over!! Summer has been flying by and before I know it, I’ll be back across the pond.  But for now, I’m happy to share a new “What to Wear for Your Photo Session” blog post.  The following looks will make for great pops of color in your images. Additionally, it will be beneficial to think about the area of your home you’ll be displaying your images so you can coordinate your wardrobe with your decor.

Often times, I also love the “Mom” and “Dad” looks from the Family What to Wear Guide to double as a “Couples” look.  For this wardrobe pairing I would just add some colorful jewelry for the “Mom” and you’re good to go.  For versatility in your images, I would photograph the the look with and without the jacket.











MOM // dress, shoe

DAD // shirt, pant, shoe

GIRL // jacket, pant, shoe

BOY // shirt, pant, shoe

You can also get more ideas for what to wear for your photo shoot here and here, and here.

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Tips for Gorgeous Wedding Prep Photos

One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is arriving to the bride’s location to see her for the first time, photograph her getting ready, meet important friends and family members, and also check out those gorgeous details she’s been spending time and effort coordinating.

Today I thought I would share tips for gorgeous wedding prep photos.  Keeping these things in mind will help your photographer achieve the beautifully lit images you deserve.

Tips for Gorgeous Wedding Prep Photos

Tips for Gorgeous Wedding Prep Photos_0001

1. Location~ You’ll want to keep WHERE you’re getting ready in mind.  A well lit hotel room with plenty of natural light, light colored walls, and ample space will translate beautifully in your images.

2. Clean up the Mess~ A wedding day can be hectic and it’s easy for things to get messy with all the preparation going on… It doesn’t take long for make up, hair tools, food, and belongings to clutter up a space.  While you shouldn’t get stressed out over cleaning up your room, just remember that any clutter not cleared will end up in the pictures so it’s be beneficial to remove anything you won’t want to see in your final images.

Tips for Gorgeous Wedding Prep Photos_0002
3. Details~ I usually start my photography coverage towards the end of your hair and makeup session and like to arrive about an hour before you get into your dress to photograph all the details you’ve so diligently worked to coordinate, as well as take candids of everyone prepping.  It is SUPER helpful when a bride gathers all the details up and places them in the same spot for me to style and photograph.  Details can include any letters or gifts, jewelry, shoes, your dress, veil, your purse, wedding bands, fragrance, bouquet, etc.

Tips for Gorgeous Wedding Prep Photos_0003

4. The Groom’s Getting Ready Location~ These same tips also apply for the groom and can be helpful if he will also be photographed prior to the wedding.  Additionally, it makes a lot of sense logistically for the Groom to get ready in the same location as the bride.  If this isn’t possible, it’s really helpful if the locations are within 10 minutes travel time to each other.  After all, it’s his day too;)

  • His Details: Shoes, Belt, Cuff Links, Gifts/Letters, Fragrance, Watch, Tie, etc.

Tips for Gorgeous Wedding Prep Photos_0004

5. Pre-Wedding Attire~ Obviously when you’re getting ready you won’t be wearing your fancy clothes yet but it’s nice to have something you feel comfortable being photographed in.  Whether this is a cute dress or a silk robe, being intentional in choosing your pre-wedding clothes make you look and feel fab when you see your “getting ready” images.  This is also sound advice for anyone who will be getting ready with you as well.

Tips for Gorgeous Wedding Prep Photos_0005

I hope you find these tips useful!  If you have any questions about the tips I wrote, or any additional questions, feel free to drop me a line so we can discuss!

This past month was spent doing a crazy amount of travel.  I have been in  7 countries in the last 30 days including France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, and the US.  Today I’m lucky enough to be writing this post from my bedroom at my parent’s house.  There truly is no place like home!  I’m really excited for the coming weekend because one of my close friends is getting married in Ann Arbor (one of my favorite cities in Pure Michigan)

Today I’m excited to share two Prague and Giant’s Causeway Sneak Peeks with you! There will be full posts forthcoming but I just thought it would be fun to leave you with some eye candy before the weekend.

Prague Vltava River Photo

In Prague, the Vltava River has 18 bridges crossing it.  Prague is an amazingly resilient city and every direction I turned afforded my eyes more beauty than the previous viewpoint.


I’ve pretty much traveled to EVERY place possible in Ireland and I was ITCHING to check out the Giant’s Causeway.  Talk about a breathtaking natural landscape.  Wow.  I was more than impressed!

Stay tuned for Monday’s blog post discussing getting Pretty Wedding Prep Photos and what you can do…Your wedding photographer will love you for it:)

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You may be wondering if I ever use a “plain ‘ol point and shoot” instead of my massive Nikon and the answer is YES!  I am the proud owner of a Canon S110 Point and Shoot camera and I love it!  If you’ve been following the blog for a little while than you know I’ve been living between Dublin and States over the last year.  This has afforded me the opportunity to travel A LOT and usually I lug Jon lugs the Nikon d700 and the 24-70mm wide angle lens around with me.  But sometimes it’s nice to not carry around what feels like a 10 pound brick.

Today I thought I’d share my life in point and shoot stills taken over the past year when I’ve been traveling.  Using the point and shoot is sort of a guilty pleasure…even though it doesn’t always get me the picture I’m aiming to take.  But it does allow me to throw it in my purse easily, no matter where I’m going.

My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0001
Tower Bridge (above) taken from the Tower of London (below)

My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0002
My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0003
Tate Modern and a Selfie in a weird mirror with said Point and Shoot:)

My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0004
The London Eye at Sunset…

My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0005
The view of Parliament from the London Eye.

My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0006
Me trying to be sneaky and take a picture of this cute couple that was on the London Eye with us.

My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0007
Westminster Abbey

My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0008
Because I love LOVE;)

My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0009
Went to Rome with my Mimi, Mom and Dad and took only 1 picture!  Yes I know, sometimes I’m the WORST at taking pictures to document my own life. haha.
My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0010
On a hike in Howth when our friends Jessica and Josh came to visit us in Ireland.

My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0011
My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0012
Jon took this photo of me at dinner in Kinsale, County Cork which is the food capital of Ireland.  Can you tell how happy I am to be eating this pasta?  This was pre- Gluten Free.  Those were the days.  Sort of.

My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0013

We visited the Blarney Castle.

My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0014
And kissed the Blarney Stone.  Locals joke about urinating on it purposely for tourists but there’s no way they could actually get in without paying for a ticket (unless they broke in at night)…

My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0015
My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0016
We visited the Canary Islands in November over Thanksgiving.  It was weird to spend a holiday in a country that doesn’t celebrate it as well.  The further away you see me in a bathing suit the better I look. lol.

My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0017
My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0018
Jenn and Loreen came for a visit in February when Ireland had the worst storms and flooding in 30 years. I think it was our version of the Polar Vortex.

My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0019
Jenn and I visited Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmo, Sweden where we met two dudes giving away free hugs.  Jenn initially refused but then obliged when Jon offered to be the guinea pig first;)In the end, it put smiles on all of our faces for sure.

My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0020
In March I went with my Mom to Florida for a girls week.  It was great to spend time together somewhere warm and sunny. This picture is from Sanibel Island.

My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0021
The view from my childhood bedroom, where my parents still live.  Not too shabby.

My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0022
I traveled to Prague for my first solo European trip at the end of June to meet my friend Krista, who was my freshman college roommate.  We had tons of fun together!  This is the Prague Castle at night.  I kept calling it Dublin Castle for some reason and she had to keep correcting me.

My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0023
Jon and I went out to the The Greenhouse Restaurant in Dublin for my 32nd (eek) birthday.  He also surprised me with a spa day and stay at the Shelbourne Hotel.  He continually surprises me without actually surprising me because he knows I hate surprises.

My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0024
We traveled to Northern Ireland for lunch in Belfast, to see the Titanic dry dock, and to visit the Giant’s Causeway.

My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0025
My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0026
We stopped along the Causeway Coastal Route to cross the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge.  I am definitely not that gutsy but what can I say, Jon gets me into some shit I had no idea about at least a couple times a year.

My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0027
Of course he’s all smiles.

My Life in Point and Shoot Mode_0028
Jason and Anthony are our neighbors in Chicago and they came for a visit.  We also traveled to Paris and London.

Tomorrow I am off to the States for a month to stand up in my friend Amanda’s wedding, shoot some weddings with Jenn in Chicago, get a cracked tooth fixed (ugh!), spend time with friends & family, and soak up as much SUN as humanly possible. Oh yeah, and I HAVE to visit Hot Doug’s before it closes FOREVER.  I’ve never been!

What are your plans for the rest of the summer?  I can’t believe how fast it’s going by!

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8 Awesome iPhone Apps

Today I’m sharing 8 useful iPhone apps that I really think you’ll like!  Since I’ve been doing a lot of traveling these days, several of these apps were created with the intention of making life easier while traveling.  Others are just cool little apps I’ve found along the way that I could probably never live without now that I’ve had the chance to use them!

8 Useful iPhone Apps_0001
1. Trip Advisor~ Just as the name suggests, Trip Advisor helps you to plan your vacations by providing reviews for hotels, restaurants, and activities in any chosen city.  You can also now check availability for hotels right through the app but my favorite feature for using on the go is “Near Me Now”, which will tell you which restaurants, activities, hotels, etc. are near you based on your GPS location.  I really love this feature because it allows you to check out a restaurants reviews on the fly to help you decide if you’d like to eat there.

2. Find Friends~ This Apple app allows you and your friends to track each other by the GPS on your phone.  This is really helpful because if you’re traveling together in a new city and happen to separate or lose each other, the app can help you figure out where the heck you’re at.  I also  I’ve nicknamed this app the “Stalker tracking device” because it allows me to track Jon and see when he’ll be home for dinner.  This is really helpful since he’s been working so many long hours and he never answers the phone when I call because he’s super busy during the day.

3. Skyscanner~ This app is great for finding, monitoring, and booking European flights at the cheapest prices.  Need I say more?!  I just booked a 2 day trip to Brussels in September for €56 round trip.  Yes, you can usually fly really cheap all over Europe if you book a couple months in advance.

4. GoldenPic~ As a photographer this is my favorite app EVER!  It tracks where you are in the world and then calculates what time “Golden Hour” (the prettiest light of the day that takes place about 30-45 minutes before sunset) happens.  This is advantageous for planning sunset cruises, taking photos, making dinner reservations and I also use it when planning the time to shoot photo sessions because Golden Hour makes for some gorgeous photos!

5. Urban Dictionary~ I started using this app when I moved to Dublin because it’s great for learning slang.  Dublin is notorious for having it’s own set of slang apart from the rest of Ireland, and you know what?  Most of the time I had no idea what someone meant until I looked it up.  Talk about adding another dimension to the term “language barrier.”  Not sure what a “tart” (slut) is? UD knows!  How about “He’s giving out”? Probably makes you think someone is dying but it actually means a person is bellyaching or bitching/ being a baby.  My personal favorite “Takin a piss on the Irish”… Yeah I definitely didn’t know what any of this stuff meant but thanks to UD, I have it figured out now.;)

6. Waterlogue~ This app is just plain awesome!!  It takes any iPhone picture you’ve taken and will turn it into a watercolor painting.  The app is similar to Instagram in the way that there are several awesome different styles of watercolor to choose from when creating your painted image.

7. Viber~ I’ve become reliant on this app for communicating with friends and family while I’m living overseas.  It allows you to make free international calls and send texts via wifi or your data plan.  Say goodbye to ridiculous international calling cards.  It’s really a great tool, although can be somewhat unreliable in it’s call clarity if you move around a lot or away from  the router while on wifi.  But it’s free!  Who could complain about that?!

8. Duolingo~ Have you ever thought of purchasing Rosetta Stone but just not gone forward with it because of the astronomical price tag?  Duolingo is a FREE app that teaches you the language of your choice using exercises, speaking, and writing tasks similarly to that of Rosetta Stone.  And it’s 100% free!!  You can pretty much access lessons to learn any language you could ever want including spanish, french, italian, greek, etc.  Definitely worth it!!!

So what are your favorite apps?  Let me know what they are in the comments and tell me why:)

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