Hello, I’m Alaina…

  Photo of Chicago Wedding Photographer Alaina BosI can clearly remember my father’s love of shooting film.  As his Canon AE-1 hung around his neck, he encouraged me to hoist myself up onto the ledge of a canyon at West Yellowstone Park.  While my Mother disapprovingly looked on, the sound of the clicking shutter filled the air.  While my fearlessness always helped Dad get the shot, I saw smiling while he snapped away as an annoying task every kid had to endure.  As a child, I underestimated the true value of a photograph.  Then in 1999 my brother passed away.

All of a sudden the only way to visually relive the past was through photographs.  That faded picture of us together where I donned a retainer, and he decided putting Sun-In in his hair was a good idea… The one where we smiled as he put his arm around my neck on my Birthday… These slices of life are forever captured on film… And I’m truly grateful.

My experiences in life have given photos infinite value. I take capturing YOUR memories to heart.

I became OBSESSED with photography when planning my own wedding in 2008.  I must have looked at 100 wedding photography blogs before choosing a wedding photographer.  Shortly after, my husband bought me a used camera and a membership to the local photography school so I could start learning properly.  Through our own wedding planning process, we learned what things really mattered to us when it came to celebrating our marriage.

The love you share, the friendship you’ve built and nourished, and the supportive family and friends who have helped shape the individuals you’ve become… These are the things that matter most.

I’m proud to say I live and work in a state that supports marriage equality, because I do too.

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